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what does it take to own a franchise.

Our unique business model, combined with an increasing demand for the solution we offer, has helped us grow into a thriving local business. We want to expand our reach even further – which is why we’re making room for passionate franchisees to join us!

There’s no room for doubt

you need to invest in a Longyards franchise!

Our unique business model, combined with an increasing demand for the solution we offer, has helped us grow into a thriving local business. We want to expand our reach even further – which is why we’re making room for passionate franchisees to join us!

These are just some of the advantages of partnering with Longyards Storage: Low maintenance

why franchise with us

Longyards storage provides businesses of all shapes and sizes with quality, easily accessible storage or office space where they need it most – at a fraction of the cost of sourcing their own property. We also cater to everyday citizens who need a highly secure space to store the precious items they don’t have room for at home – such as furniture, vehicles, boats, RVs, and more.

Longyards Storage Provides
a Business Opportunity Unlike Any Other!

Unique Business

Investing in Longyards is more than an investment in a storage yard. You have access to a unique market with a loyal, lifelong customer base.

Quick Build-out Timelines

Starting your Longyards Storage is easy and quick. Once you sign on, you’ll be in business in no time!

Storage Hybrid Business Model

Our space offers much more than storage. We can provide you with office rentals so you can do business right on site, with easy access to all of your equipment and tools!

Strong Leadership

We are always thinking ahead to stay at the forefront of innovation and new technology.

Innovation and Technology

We offer more than a typical storage yard. Our technology and add-on features provide customers with remote access, additional security, and much more.

Modular Build-out

Our storage features make it easy to customize the storage experience to meet the demands of every customer.

Low Staff and Maintenance

When you own a Longyards, you do not need to hire many employees or perform extensive maintenance. Our low overhead and low costs structure allow franchisees to keep more money in their pockets

Long-term Stable Clientele

Secure reliable income with a Longyards Storage yard! Customers typically stick with you for many years, working hand-in-hand to also build their dream with your help.


With Longyards, the sky's the limit! You can build more storage yards on your property or invest in multiple franchises.

Franchise Process

1 Complete the contact form

Below, and we’ll be in touch with you.

2Meet our team

Come in for a Discovery Day and see what it’s all about!

3Visit our head office.

See for yourself how Longyards Storage’s flagship location operates, and ask any questions you like.

4Review the Franchise Disclosure Document

The FDD is a mine of information, and will help you get a clear understanding of what’s expected from you, what kind of returns you can anticipate, and much more.

5Apply for financing

If you're seeking financing, now’s the time to do it. We’re happy to help in any way we can.

6Sign the agreement

Welcome to the Longyards family!

7Begin your training

You're not in this alone – we will provide expert assistance every step of the way. This includes training both at our facility and your own location.

What we’re looking
for in our franchisees

Our unwavering commitment to customer service excellence has been the key ingredient in our success, and we expect our franchise owners to emulate this approach. You should be proficient at interacting with local communities and selling to customers.

Finding your franchise location

The typical facility needed for a franchisee to start their business will be an open yard with 130,000 to 430,000 square feet of usable space. It should be located near public transport, and have easy access to major highways.
You may already have the perfect spot in mind, or we’ll help you find a suitable location in your assigned territory. Longyards will purchase the land , whereafter it will be up to you (with our guidance) to put up fencing and electrical power to allow for security cameras and gates. There will also be an office operation at the entrance of the property to allow for those killer sales presentations we know you’re going to nail!

What you get in return

When you become the proud new owner of a Longyards Storage franchise
you’ll be able to offer all the following USPs to your client base:


With our model, your customers can have eyes on the yard at all times.

Top end security

You’ll be offering fully screened in, protected yard space with top end security.

Remote access

Many small businesses have several members of staff who need to come and go. With our solution, the owner can open the gate remotely through their smartphone to let authorized personnel in.


You’ll be able to offer pods and office space for your tenants if they require it.

And here’s the real kicker. Currently, Longyards storage has virtually no real competition! That’s why, with your help, we aim to expand quickly and efficiently.


Riches are in the niches
Longyards Storage is unique in the marketplace. While other businesses fight for a spot in the sun, Longyards has a vast blue sea of opportunities. With just raw land, a business can be quickly set up. Longyards Storage offer lead-edge technology and develop new patents for equipment like cameras and storage special features. Longyards is an opportunity that brings old world security to new world opportunities.
Employees are only required for part-time hire
Because Longyards Storage doesn't require full-time staff, you can run your facility from anywhere once you get it up and running, and staff are not needed on a full time basis.
Quick Acquisition and build out
Our process is quick. We offer a fast and proven build-out that provides quick cash flow and adds quick property value.
Stable cash flow
A lendable business is a dependable business! Storage has low turnaround and low vacancy rates. Watch the money come in, month after month
Real estate investment opportunity
Who doesn't love getting rich from real estate? Investing in Longyards Storage is just the first step to growing your portfolio with stable cash flow.
Recession proof
Real estate and storage are the two most secure places you want your money during uncertain times.
Low capital
No buildings, no roof repairs, low capital, and high cash flow are just a few more benefits to owning a Longyards Storage.
Low Maintenance
Low maintenance means fewer repairs and fewer headaches.
Land Banking
Run your Longyards Storage, secure your cash flow, and then pack up and sell when the land becomes worth more than the business.
Support your community
When you invest in a Longyards Storage, you provide a place for small businesses in your community to have a place to call home. Giving back to the community means that it’s about more than just business.

The Investment Side

(including Franchise Fee)

can be between $100,340 and $375,550
averaging to about $237,945
Franchise Fee
Local Advertising
4% of gross sales
Corporate Advertising
2% of gross sales
Royalty Fee
Based on the franchisee’s gross sales

Franchise FAQs

Our business model allows for someone to enter the industry with an initial investment as low as $100,000, based on a cash investment in the business and equipment needed to operate a location of Longyards Storage. This figure also includes the franchise fee.

While we can’t legally offer absolute guarantees, we know you’ll find the projected ROI in our Franchise Disclosure Document extremely appealing! And because our model is deliberately easy to scale, you can expect a solid return significantly faster than with most similar business opportunities.

Yes! Each franchisee will receive one week of training at our headquarters in  Florida, as well as an additional week of hands-on training at the location of their new Longyards Storage franchise.

 While storage / property management experience will certainly be helpfulfor a franchisee, this is not a requirement. More importantly, we are looking for individuals with strong leadership, sales, and marketing abilities.

Yes! Each territory will include a defined area with a population of approximately 500,000 people. So, in most cases, a franchisee will have an entire city or metropolitan area of their own, except in the case of very large cities which may be divided accordingly.