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Make room for
Longyards Storage!

The exterior storage rental business that’s taking the market by storm

About Longyards Storage

What do virtually all service businesses have in common? Whether it’s a small landscaping company, large car dealership, or even an administrative branch, businesses need space.

why franchise with us

Longyards Storage provides businesses of all shapes and sizes with quality, easily accessible storage or office space where they need it most.

We also cater to everyday citizens who need a highly secure space to store the precious items they don’t have room for at home – such as Furniture, Vehicles, Boats, RVs, and more.

Heavy Machinery

Long yard Storage

Industrial Finished Products

Long yard Storage


Long yard Storage

Small Equipment

Long yard Storage

Snow removal

Long yard Storage

Shipping containers and trucks

Long yard Storage

Longyards Storage Provides
a Business Opportunity Unlike Any Other!

Everyone – business and individuals alike - needs space!

When you join the Longyards Storage family, you’re reaching a truly massive target audience.
Your potential customers will include small contractors



Snow removals



Tow truck owners

All the way up to large scale operations like insurance companies


Car Dealerships

Scrap Yards

And even corporate clients looking for additional or temporary office space.

Add to this mix private individuals looking for long-term
secure storage space for their valuables, and it’s easy to see why our business is thriving.

10 Reasons to

Own a Longyards

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